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Calwood Nutritionals, LLC was formed in 1999 to produce a balanced blend of essential amino acids. Calwood Nutritionals' product line grew from a need to provide an easy to use, pleasant tasting formula of the essential amino acids (EAA). The EAA's were being studied to delay dialysis in conjunction with a low protein diet and to improve health and life expectancy in dialysis patients.

Calwood Nutritionals has developed a number of proprietary methods for neutralizing the bitter/metallic taste of amino acids, which allows them to be incorporated into existing foods or flavored in a number of ways.

Calwood Nutritionals is the only known company with the technology to deliver a good tasting balanced formula of essential amino acids.

The first products developed by Calwood Nutritionals were for kidney patients who wanted to maintain normal nutritional status and avoid protein.  Maintaining normal nutritional status is especially important in other diseases such as cancer, inborn errors of metabolism, old age, food allergies and  AIDS.  Having the right building blocks available in a usable form is the best way to maintain your muscle while fighting disease.  The Calwood formulas of essential amino acids provide a pleasant tasting way to obtain the nutrition you need while your doctors are fighting your disease.

The products delivered by Calwood Nutritionals are all produced under cGMP conditions. The amino acids are USP certified and all other components are USP certified or food grade.


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