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Dialysis Patients

In general, the only options for dealing with end stage kidney disease were dialysis or transplantation. Dialysis, in addition to being confining, results in a very high death rate (approximately 20-24% of patients on dialysis die each year). You need to play your part to maintain your health while on dialysis, or preparing for a transplant. Patients that follow some basic nutritional guidelines will normally feel better and will be more successful with their treatment.

The physicians at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have shown that you can improve your health by taking a balanced formula of essential amino acids with each meal. They measured the best predictor of sickness and death (your serum albumin level) and found that it could be improved by taking a balanced formula of amino acids with your diet.

It is important for you to know your serum albumin level and work to improve it. The adult guidelines by the National Kidney Foundation's Disease Outcome Quality Initiative indicate that the goal for your serum albumin level should be 4.0 g/dL.

 Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. You need the amino acids to build and maintain muscle and your immune system. The essential amino acids are those amino acids that you must take in from outside sources (either other proteins or as the amino acids themselves). Essential amino acids should be taken in a balanced formula. The formula used in the John Hopkins trial is the same as that used in our products Nutramine, Nutramine AminoBites, and Nutrasentials™ drink mix. The only difference is that we have included a masking agent to make the amino acids taste better so that you can continue to take them rather than giving up and jeopardizing your health. Nutramine AminoBites are small candy sticks which do not contain sugar but which are already prepared for you to eat. Nutrasentials™ drink mix does not contain the fiber found in Nutramine or Nutramine AminoBites.


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