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Message from Gary Calton, Ph.D, President

Dr. Mackenzie Walser, a nephrologist at The Johns Hopkins University, asked me to help him. Dr. Walser had just finished a study in which he believed he had made one of the greatest advances of his career. He had shown that he could delay dialysis by one to four years by giving his patients a low protein diet. However, a mix of essential amino acids was necessary to maintain proper nutrition. Due to the horrible taste of the essential amino acids, his patients were taking them as a large number of big tablets. The patients in the trial would not take these tablets. His comment was, "They would rather die than eat these things."

My colleague, Dr. Louis Wood and I began work immediately and finally came up with a way to mask the flavor of the amino acids using a natural food ingredient. This was a significant advance as the amino acids have been available for nearly 50 years and most of them have tasted so bad no one would eat them.

We then developed a large number of flavors to make it easier for Dr. Walser's patients to take the essential amino acids. We also found that we could make them into a good tasting candy, custard or drink.

Our purpose in forming Calwood Nutritionals was to make it easier for you to follow your physician's and dietitian's recommendations on nutrition. By improving your diet you can improve your health.

- Dr. Gary Calton, President



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