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Pre-Dialysis Patients

Your physician may have told you that there is nothing for you to do but wait. He/she may be unaware that the physicians at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have shown that you can improve your health by lowering your total protein intake to approximately 20 grams / day (based on body weight) and taking a balanced formula of essential amino acids with each meal. The physicians at Johns Hopkins found that you may be able to delay the time at which you would normally start dialysis by one to four years or more. 50% of the patients in the trial delayed dialysis for over one year.


You have been told that you need to cut down on your protein. That hasn't been too hard for most of you since eating protein usually makes you nauseous. The problem is that you need to be able to keep your strength up. To do this, you need an alternative to protein. That alternative is our balanced formula of essential amino acids.


Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. You need the amino acids to build and maintain muscle and your immune system. The essential amino acids are those amino acids that you must take in from outside sources (either other proteins or as the amino acids themselves). The essential amino acids should be taken in a balanced formula - Nutramine, Nutramine AminoBites, or Nutrasentials™ drink mix.


The formula of essential amino acids used in the Johns Hopkins trial is the same as that used in our product Nutramine. The only difference is that we have included a masking agent to make the amino acids taste better so that you can continue to take them rather than dropping out and jeopardizing your health.


Nutramine AminoBites are small candy sticks which do not contain sugar but which are already prepared for you to eat. Nutrasentials™ drink mix does not contain the fiber found in Nutramine or Nutramine AminoBites.


Arnold Sanderson says that he can mix Nutramine into his apple juice with a hand blender “very well”. However, when he travels, he uses Nutramine AminoBites.


Leigh Dell’s disease progressed to the point he had to go on dialysis. Shortly thereafter, his serum albumin started to slip and his wife put him on Nutramine AminoBites. He raised his serum albumin to 4.2 while most of the patients at his dialysis unit were below the 4.0 DOQI guideline. He has now been transplanted and credits the 7 years of avoidance of dialysis to the low protein (he maintained a 40g protein intake per day) diet and his excellent nutritional status achieved by taking Nutramine AminoBites.


Norton Cox continues to take Nutramine and is doing well at age 83.


Ella Johnson takes Nutramine AminoBites. It is especially helpful as she also requires iron and the fiber is especially helpful in dealing with the constipation that comes from taking iron. She has now delayed dialysis 11 years and her creatinine has slowly fallen from 5.0 to 1.6. She says she “travels, goes out to eat and lives a full and happy life”.


Lynn Bright was able to persuade her insurance company to pay for her Nutramine. With the help of Nutramine, she was able to get her serum albumin high enough to undergo a successful transplantation.



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